Cute shoes for the dress??? (Although they are backordered- but I am getting married in a year)

Bridesmaid in the Recession

Like many, I've spent a pretty penny to be honored in my friends' weddings. And although it is always a pleasure, the recession has me thinking how to honor them with out breaking the bank.

Good Article: "Always a bridesmaid --and flat broke"
Spring is here, and that means wedding season.
Though it's considered an honor to participate in a friend's or a family member's wedding, the privilege can cost you a pretty penny.
This season, however, the economy is giving some bridesmaids a much-needed break.

Read the article here:

Michaels Wedding Inspiration!

Check out for some awesome wedding favor inspiration and the cutest flower girl basket I have ever seen!

Melissa Sweet Dress

This past weekend my mom and I went to Atlanta to look for a dress. I found one I like, but still thinking it over. Follow the link to see the dress on the runway and for the stunning back view.

Awesome Table Number

I love these table number lanters - stick a candle in it and you have a table number lantern - so cute!

Getaway car - or not...

I am a big fan of a bicycle built for two!

Special Touch

I guess i just really like Mason Jars - i feel like i want to post them every time i see them. I also think they make cute vases.

Welcome sign

I really do like a cute welcome sign - i think it makes guests feel comfortable and sets a tone for the wedding!

out of town baskets and favors!

Here are the candles, favors & out of town gift bags we made! She got the bag on for 50 cents each! We filled the out of town bags with a cvb st pete directory, orange florida taffy, water, candy & crackers - with a Disney touch.

Crazy Photo Booth

From the link to my photographers blog it looks like he did a "crazy booth" at a wedding - it looks so fun and right up your alley -- here are some of them - but check out his blog for a bunch.

More than flowers

I love the lantern and really like all the extra props that make the flowers so beautiful!

Pretty Flowers!

I like the vase of this centerpiece - i really think it is all about the vase!


I think the color of these linens is really rich and would look great at casa feliz!

Cute Programs

I think these programs are cute and preppy - i love!

Powder Room Accessories

I think this is such a cute idea that was posted on Jean M posted on their website - A bathroom set is something that is affordable to do and it adds such a personalized touch to the reception- It is sure to be something the wedding guests will love and use - love the idea of monogramed tic tacs!

casa feliz

Here is a picture I found on a photographers website of a wedding at casa feliz...yea! i am so excited about your venue choice!

March 27, 2010

So We finally decided on Casa Feliz! March 27, 2010! Yeah!!! I can't believe its almost an entire year away. Ohh I wish it wasn't that far away, but it is the perfect time of year in Orlando!! and one of the few openings.

New Dress Shop

Priscilla of Boston is coming to Orlando! The awesome wedding dress shop will be opening soon in Dr. Phillips at the new Dellagio deveopment next to the market place. They will be located in suite 142. They are currently hiring for a team to open the store which means they must be opening very soon!

These wedding coasters from are so adorable - they also have fantastic bottled water labels - I even found a sample that reads justin and amanda!!!